Where diverse heroes can struggle, grow, survive, and yes, go on to win.

Fantasy novels are often lauded for their ability to transport readers to other worlds, but they can also be powerful tools for exploring the complexities of our own reality. In my fantasy books, I set out to create a world that would reflect the experiences of marginalized communities, particularly people of mixed race.

In my latest series, the struggles of my four main characters - brothers who are constantly beset by violence and trauma - I shine a light on the ways that minorities are expected to simply endure hardship without any acknowledgement of the mental health issues that often come as a result. 

While the fantasy elements of the series allow readers to escape into another world, I hope that readers will come away from my books not only with a sense of wonder, but also with a better understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized groups. Fantasy allows us to explore these issues in a safe and controlled environment, and I believe that it has the power to change hearts and minds. So if you're looking for an escape, please join me on this journey. You might just come away with a new perspective on the world.

New Releases

Precrown: A Prince & Sibyl Saga

As the world braces itself for war, two mixed race adolescents find themselves at odds with their surroundings. Audemar and Ellenora are fighters who have been chosen by destiny to embark on a journey that will change them forever.  This prequel to The Fourpointe Chronicles is an epic fantasy about outsiders trying desperately just wanting acceptance from those around them – but can they get it? 

Audemar is a prince born to rule, with a yearning to live up to his family’s legacy. Ellenora is a young maiden only starting to discover her mystic potential, who will soon be brought together with Audemar. Out of their love, a new power will rise.

You’ll get swept away by the magic and mystery that unfolds as you read Precrown. Get it today on Kindle Vella!

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Everhall: Book Three of The Fourpointe Chronicles

War is hell. But what happens when the line between good and evil becomes blurred? When those who you thought were your allies become your enemies? And when the only thing standing between you and victory are those you trust most? 

Marland and Ibia are fighting their way through a brutal war that has taken everything from them. The Saliswater quadruplets have always been close, but when the oldest brother takes on a new responsibility, their relationship is tested and they must put aside differences to unite. 

Everhall is a story about war, betrayal, the trauma mixed-race people endure, and the power of brotherhood. This is a story that will take you to places where even the bravest dare not venture: into the heart of darkness. And it’s a journey that will leave you thinking long after the last page is turned.

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Greater Afrari is a fantasy land steeped in the iconography of the Middle Ages. It is a land of towering castles and impenetrable fortresses, of mighty knights and their warhorses, of armor, shields, and swords. Kings and queens rule over their subjects from opulent thrones, while bishops and barons wield great power from their seats of authority. Yet for all its familiarity, the world of Greater Afrari is also one of great change. 

In this world, mixed-race people like me are challenged to make peace with our varied heritage. We have to overcome any insecurities and doubts to find our place in the world. This is a land of fantasy, where anything is possible. Come and explore the world of Greater Afari with me. Let’s see what adventure awaits us.

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