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Josh’s novels will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each book is filled with action, adventure, and intrigue. You’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Once you start reading, you will not want to stop until you reach the end!


The Fourpointe Chronicles Book 2

King  Jameson’s and Queen Taresa’s royal wedding ushers in a new era for Afari. The marriage unites two powerful kingdoms: Marland and Ibia. This spells danger for the four Saliswater quadruplets – Symon, Dawkin, Ely, and Gerry, who must keep up the ruse. 

Their lifelong secret continues to serve them well, right up to the exchange of wedding vows . . .then chaos ensues and the end of a fragile peace begins.  

Will the Saliswater quadruplets finally reveal their secret? As they try to navigate the world without revealing their true identities, they suffer from microaggressions and discrimination. But despite the challenges they face, they remain strong and determined to protect their kingdoms. Only time will tell if they’ll be able to keep their secret safe.

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Midnight. What does it mean to you?

For Greater Dyli’s women, it’s a time of freedom and liberation. At night, while the men sleep, they’re in charge. They can run their own businesses, talk freely, and even fight. It’s a time when they can be themselves and break free from societal norms!

In a world wreaking of toxic masculinity and prejudice rises Ashallah, a soldier of the female-driven army known as the Midnight Warriors. As any dutiful soldier, she follows the orders of her male superiors. But when night falls and she puts on her armor, she becomes something else entirely. She will fight for what she believes in – no matter what anyone says.

Midnight is more than just a book – it’s a movement for equality and empowerment. Purchase your copy today and help support women everywhere!

Kinghood (The Fourpointe Chronicles Book 1)

A riveting tale of fantasy and adventure

Kinghood is the story of four quadruplets who share one secret identity: Prince Jameson.

Through careful planning and code-switching, they have managed to live up to the model minority myth and cultivate the image of a perfect royal, a rising star within their kingdom. Handsome. Strong. Intelligent. Charismatic. A natural-born leader. These quadruplets are ready to take on whatever comes their way.
But such a delicate alliance has come at great cost. The relationship between brothers is often tense and competitive, with each one striving to make their own mark on the world.

When their father, the king is murdered Symon, Dawkin, Ely, and Gerry must put aside differences and unite against enemies that threaten not just peace but also each other’s lives.

Will they be able to overcome the challenges that come their way? Find out in Kinghood – available now!


The future of the American dream is a lie.

The country that was once prosperous and united, is divided into confederacies struggling for power.

What was once the Promised Land has become nothing more than a breeding ground for armies hell-bent on war. 

Among the soldiers of this landscape is Darren Avery, a decorated Army captain who has risen to the status of hero over his dozen deployments. Despite all that he’s done for America, Darren finds himself questioning what it means and where he fits after returning from his latest engagement. 

There was something missing inside him…but what? There seem to be no answers.

Ashes is an intense, challenging read that will keep you riveted until the very end. You’ll be rooting for Darren as he navigates his way through this broken world and fights to find his place in it. He has experienced more than his share of heartache and pain, but he doesn’t let it defeat him. He’s fighting for a better future not just for himself, but for the next generation. With every twist and turn, the stakes get higher and higher.

Will Darren be able to save America from itself? Pick up Ashes today to find out.

Sons of Chenia

Chenia was once a great country

But an unspoken horror has left the people defenseless. As refugees, many have left their homeland while those who have stayed battle enemies both near and far. 

Nicolai and his friends are caught between the relative safety of a foreign nation and the atrocities back home. They are refugees bound by hardship, and their journey home is an odyssey. Through ocean voyages, mountain treks and seedy cityscapes, they return to a homeland that is on the verge of collapse. 

The men are products of two conflicting worlds – a sentiment that many mixed-descent people will be able to identify with. One beautiful, the other hideous; one fixed, the other damaged. 

Ultimately the fate of Chenia rests in Nicolai’s hands. He must decide whether to stay or flee, to fight or surrender. His decision will determine the fate of his friends, his family and his homeland.

Will he be able to remember his past and save his people? Or will they fall to the might of the Czarian Empire? Find out in Sons of Chenia – on sale now!